Gal Gadot, from beauty queen to Wonder Woman


Gal Gadot is one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood right now after being seen in movies Fast and Furious and Batman vs. Superman as the sexy Wonder Woman

But did you know that she was once a beauty queen?

Miss Israeli 2004

She won the title Miss Israeli 2004 and later competed in Miss Universe 2004. Unfortunately, she did not reached the semifinals and in the vocabulary of pageant world, she ended up as “clapper” which believe it or not, a not so nice word. (Think of mudbloods in Harry Potter)

After a few years, this Miss Universe “clapper” just ended up as one of the hottest Hollywood stars. Life has amazing surprises after all.

And another thing, Linda Carter, the actress who also portrayed Wonder Woman, was also a beauty queen, too! Maybe Wonder Woman, after all, is a role fit only for beauty queens.



Author: Kmaidenhall

a Pageant observer and fan.

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